Brewery Artwalk Association

The BAA meets regularly on the second Sunday of the month. Artwalk participants are encouraged to attend the meetings to discuss any ideas to improve and enhance the Brewery Artwalk.

Mission Statement

The Brewery Artwalk Association, (BAA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Organization. Our mission is to produce, organize and facilitate the recurring biannual event known as the Brewery Artwalk. The Brewery Artwalk is a free, educational, public arts event, designed to create an alternative venue for art exposure. It also allows artists at the Brewery the opportunity to open their studios and connect with the general public, the art industry, other working artists and the community. Families, children, students and individuals are encouraged to view the artists' work, meet with the artists in person and engage in dialogue about the art. The event is a unique community service open and free to all.

Budget Summary

Town Hall - June 26, 2021