Outdoor site-specific installation at Cow House Studios, Wexford, Ireland
120 feet long, 12 feet wide
Summary: During her two-week artist residency at Cow House Studios in Ireland, Dani Dodge had been making art based on items scavenged from the managed forest near her studio. The artworks were focused on ideas of home, nesting, and otherness. Then she heard that the blizzard of a lifetime was on its way, and decided to create this outdoor installation in collaboration with Mother Nature. She created and installed the brightly painted stumps and broken-branch ladders before the snow fell, not knowing what would be left after the storm. Two days later when she could return to the site, she found that the brightly colored works remained with their otherness highlighted by the bright blanket of snow.
Materials: Tree stumps and branches found on the forest floor, paint, twine.