Size: 17×13 foot room
Summary: Dodge’s “Screenburn” comments on the romance and glamour of movies that lure so many to Los Angeles, while putting the actual road from her Los Angeles apartment to Hollywood Boulevard on a pedestal. The main character in Dodge’s installation is a 1967 Zenith television. It is set on an alter. It plays a video showing the road she drives to from her home in Lincoln Heights to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All around the room are images of movies on that TV set that have been shot in Los Angeles-area, from Rush Hour to Rebel without a Cause. These images have been painted over. They are partially obscured by black organza, but lit by rainbow-hued lights. Because at the end of the day, the shark you see on the Universal Studios Hollywood Tour wasn’t even in the movie. It’s not a pot of gold. It’s a sales job to tourists. And these movies that show people’s lives as idyllic and daring and nobel were for the most part put together by a half dozen white men sitting in a room trying to sell Coca-Cola. You and me, we can’t reach that pinnacle portrayed by Hollywood. We’ve just got that street in LA. That hard concrete. And sometimes, at least for me, that’s enough.
Materials: Video, vintage television, photographs with paint, fabric.