Size: 25×30 foot room
Summary: The interactive installation Peeled & Raw focused on fear, and what happens when we try to cover it up rather than facing it. Whether it be terrorism or the fear of having our flaws exposed on Facebook, it is what we do with fear that determines who we are. In Peeled & Raw, participants picked away at the layers or wallpaper on the walls, each layer an older and older vintage. They wrote their fears upon the torn scraps and dropped them to the ground. During the closing event, Dodge swept up and then burned the fears. (The image show before and after the public began to tear away at the walls.)
Materials: Wallpaper (dating back to 1940s), vintage television, video that interspersed 1950s instructions on how to wallpaper a home with video of nuclear explosions and people being urged to arm themselves on a 2015 Fox News broadcast, furniture, bowl of onions.